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Work In Ireland

                             Jobs in Ireland 

Finding work in Ireland is not as easy as it was a few years ago at the height of the boom.
There are still job vacancies - but finding the exact job to suit you may be more difficult.
There are plenty of job vacancies in all sectors. Employment rates are still high and employers are often lookng outside Ireland to fill some of their vacancies. - Check some of the links on the left for industry specific information and links to job sites and recruitment agencies.

Job Listings Ireland

If you are an EU citizen you are entitled to live and work in Ireland without any work permit. Citizens from countries outside the EU will need a permit to work in Ireland
More here on Work Permits for Ireland and
Green Cards

Ireland Work Permits

Some changes were made to the rules regarding Work Permits in Ireland in early 2007.
Any non EEA citizens coming to work in Ireland need a permit before starting a job here.
New Green Card permits have been introduced for all jobs with salaries over 60000 euro. Green cards are also available for certain job categories paying over 30000 euro.
For all the other jobs - a "normal" work permit has to be applied for.

Work Permits can be granted for some occupations wth a salary of €30,000 or more where Green Card Permits are not available and, in very limited circumstances, in the salary range below €30,000.
A Work Permit is an employment permit issued to an employee, which permits them to work in Ireland for an employer - but only in the occupation specified on the permit. Work Permits are valid for an initial period of two years and can then be renewed for a further three years. After five years, the work permit can be renewed indefinitely.

Either the employee or the employer can apply for a Work Permit.

Occupations - There are two categories of application based on salary level. (i) Firstly, where the annual salary (excluding bonuses) on offer is €30,000 or more the Work Permit can be considered for occupations other than those which are contrary to the public interest. (ii) Secondly, Work Permits will only be considered for a very limited number of occupations below an annual salary of €30,000.
Notwithstanding the above, work permits will not be considered for any of the job categories specified on the ineligible list for work permits shown below.

Labour Market Needs Test : A vacancy, in respect of which an application for a work permit is being made, must be advertised with the FÁS/EURES employment network and additionally in local and national newspapers, for three days, to ensure that, in the first instance a national of the EEA or Switzerland, or in the second instance a national of Bulgaria or Romania, cannot be found to fill the vacancy. Evidence that this has been done must be included with the application.
Qualifications : The foreign-national concerned must posses the relevant qualifications, skills or experience that are required for the employment.

Work Permit Fees The fees for a Work Permit, which must be paid by the applicant, are as follows:
New - €500 - Period up to 6 months
New - €1,000 - Period from 6 months to 2 years
Renewal - €1,500 - Period up to 3 years
Unlimited - No Fee - Renewed indefinitely (after 5 years)
If you are a foreign national who fulfills all of the above criteria, but you are already working in Ireland with an existing work Permit . You can continue to work under your existing permit - but at renewal , the new arrangements will apply.
Changing Employer If this is your first work permit in Ireland then (apart from in exceptional circumstances) you are normally expected to stay with your initial employer for a period of 12 months, but then you may move employer provided that a new application for a work permit is made and that a labour market needs test has been undertaken.

Can my Spouse and Dependants work? Yes once they are legally resident in the State on the basis of being your Spouse or Dependant they are free to seek employment and to apply for a Spousal/Dependant work permit.

Useful Address: Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Room 105, Davitt House, 65a Adelaide Road, Dublin 2 (telephone 6313308 or 6313333);
Ineligible Job Categories for Work Permits

All Clerical and Administrative Positions
All General Operatives/Labourers
All Operator and Production
All retail sales vacancies and sales representatives,
All drivers (excluding HGV)
Nursery / Crèche Workers , Child Minders / Nannys
All 'Hotel Tourism and Catering' except chefs
Bookbinder, Bricklayer, Cabinet Maker, Carpenter / Joiner , Carton Maker, Fitter - Construction Plant, Electrician, Instrumentation Craftsperson ,Tiler - Floor / Wall, Mechanic - Heavy Vehicles, Instrumentation Craftsperson Metal Fabricator, Mechanic - Motor, Painter And Decorator, Plumber, Printer. Engineer - Refrigeration Sheet Metal Worker , Tool Maker, Vehicle Body Repairer, Machinist – Wood, Plasterers and Welders

There are changes for new work permit applications received on or after 1 June 2009 :
From June 2009 the following jobs will not be applicable for work permuts: work riders (horse racing), domestic workers and HGV drivers
Also from June 2009 - No work permits granted for jobs with salary of under €30,000 a year, (may be considered in exceptional cases)
The Labour market needs test is to be changed to advertising with FÁS/EURES for 8 weeks and in national media for 6 days
* Spouses and dependants of new employment permit holders no longer exempt from labour markets needs test and fee
There will be Increased renewal fees for new work permit holders after June 2009

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